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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1756 - 1791

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the heavyweights of classical music and, alongside Beethoven and Bach, is generally classified in the top group of composers.


Many consider Mozart to be the greatest composer of all time. He was a child prodigy who wrote his first symphony at the age of eight and then grew into a productive adult who wrote over 600 pieces of music.


His best-known works include Eine kleine Nachtmusik (1787) as well as the operas Don Giovanni (1787) and Die Zauberflöte (Die Zauberflöte 1791). Mozart died of a mysterious fever at the age of 35.


Over the years, various people have speculated that Mozart may have been murdered by rival composer Antonio Salieri, but there is no evidence to support this theory. Mozart married the former Constanze Weber in 1782. She was the younger sister of Aloysia Weber, who a few years earlier had rejected Mozart's marriage proposal.

Sonate Nr. 11 A-Dur KV 331 - Alla Turca. Allegretto - Rondo „Alla Turca“ - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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Eine kleine Nachtmusik - Allegro
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