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Carl Stamnitz
1745 - 1801

Carl Stamitz German composer was trained in Mannheim by his father and others and entered the court orchestra in 1762.


In 1770 he went to Paris, where he gave concerts as a violinist, viola player and viola d′amore player with his brother Anton and was at times composer and conductor for the Duke of Noailles.


From the 1770s he traveled as a virtuoso and performed in cities such as Vienna, London and The Hague. He was briefly concert director in Kassel (1789-90).


Lately his fame has been declining; In 1795 he became conductor and teacher at the University of Jena.


Stamitz was one of the most productive orchestral composers in Mannheim and wrote more than 50 symphonies, 38 concertante symphonies and 60 concerts. He also composed a lot of chamber music, two-stage works, and other vocal pieces.


Notable for its leisurely lyricism, his music combines Mannheim conventions with foreign features such as an Italian three-movement pattern in symphonies and the frequent use of rondos (popular in France) in finals.

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